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Lessons from Bamboo

History tells of an old lesson from the Far East. Bamboo is the tree that grows up to 32 meters per month: on average daily meter. It’s so surprising that said that if you look at it a few minutes, could see it grow.

In addition to its rapid growth, the peculiarity of the tree is germination. And this is where the case is truly sobering: Today you can plant a seed of Bamboo in the garden at home, you can provide the best care every day, month after month, and will not achieve that outbreak or the smallest stems. Think that the earth is not appropriate, the weather played against, that the seed was not useful or if the care were not the necessary: it will suffer an apparent disappointment.

And is that during its first seven years, the bamboo only grows downward . Just grow their roots. As you saw nothing, something happened: bamboo expanded his roots, affirmed. Before sprouting, it was preparing, forming their bases.

Seven years does it take to get ready the plant of bigger growth throughout the animal kingdom. While you watered the seed and impatient thought “I had no luck”. Bamboo was growing down. You do not see anything on the surface, but something powerful was formed internally.

To be the best, number one, the fastest growing, which grows taller… Is not easy. A great achievement requires great preparation. Bamboo growth is possible because there are seven years of training, seven years deep. Once sprouted, in a month can grow 32 meters. And you can cut it the time you want, and it will continue to grow.

Not the strongest of storms, nor the most adverse climatic, even an apparent drought… Cannot defeat the Bamboo. Their preparation is such that its destination is success in any environment in which growth has been determined: Bamboo is renowned for its ability to survive in any environment.

You can choose to be a Bamboo. You can prepare and aim to grow as high as imagined. Remember that the price of the great triumphs is preparation. Much preparation. Hence those who have a great spirit of preparation, discipline and perseverance, you will find victory in everything proposed. No matter if, despite their preparation, do not see immediate results. Be persistent, be like the Bamboo.

Remember that grows internally and that the time to blast off will be inevitable, sooner or later. And once off, growth is unstoppable, UNSTOPPABLE…

Source from a mailing-list.


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